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Basic Radio Procedures for Activations

Unless otherwise directed, you should follow these instructions

First station to appear begins a net and records call signs and availability.
If a repeater becomes unusable, immediately go to the next available repeater.
If all repeaters become unusable, IMMEDIATELY GO TO THE SIMPLEX
INPUT OF THE PRIMARY REPEATER (146.040 for County, 146.280 for State)
If you abandon a repeater due to failure, you should periodically recheck to see if the
condition was temporary and the repeater is again usable.
If you “get lost” in this process, begin at the top and work downward, inquiring via radio,
at each step.
If all else fails, try HF, ~3923 kHz or ~7232 kHz
Procedure tree. This applies to any ARES/RACES members and other participants.
Start at the top (first resource) and work down this list.
(NOTE: For State EOC activations ONLY, start at 146.880)
1146.640 (-) (no tone) Primary for Wake County EOC
2 – 145.490 (-)(82.5) -Secondary for Wake County
3 - 444.300(+)(82.5) – Tertiary for Wake County
4 – 147.450 SIMPLEX Primary for Wake County
5 – 147.570 SIMPLEX Secondary for Wake County
HF: ~3923 kHz or ~7232 kHz

Note that this document and its frequencies are periodically updated.

Check this page often.

Updated May 19, 2011