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Mailing Lists

You must be a ARES member before you are added to the email distribution lists.

There are two email lists for Wake County ARES:

wakeares-activation This is the HOT list and the sole purpose of this list is to convey information regarding activation notices, stand-down notices and other similar time valued traffic.

wakeares-info This is the Wake ARES General Information list. This list will be utilized for general administrative contact between Wake County ARES members, regarding special nets, training, meetings, etc.

What’s a Mailing List?

For those not familiar with it, an e-mail “Mailing List” is a service that allows large and small groups to easily distribute e-mail messages and bulletins to all members of the group. (Mailing lists are also called “reflectors”, “listserv” and “listservers”.) All members of the group “subscribe” to the mailing list. Then, instead of individuals having to keep track of dozens (or hundreds or thousands) of e-mail addresses, anyone who wants to address the group just sends one e-mail to the service address, and the service copies the message to everyone subscribed.


Note: you MUST subscribe using your “real” email address. Aliases such as reflector addresses like “” won’t work. Your subscriber address must match the identity address that you’ve put into your email program and which appears as “From: whenever you send an email. (Note that if you have more than one address, such as office and home, you can subscribe from each, separately; i.e., you can be subscribed to the list using more than one email ID.)