Here’s a list of ARES nets around the Triangle, and around the Section. Only a few of our neighbor counties have ARES nets, and some don’t appear to have active ARES operations. Information comes from their web pages. Please contact us with updates.

  • Wake County ARES Net:
  • Thursday, 9:15 pm 146.880

  • Tri-County ARES (Granville, Person, Vance):
  • Thursday, 9:00 PM on 145.17 (Oxford)

  • Franklin County ARES:
  • no nets listed

  • Nash County ARES Net:
  • Tuesday, 8:30 pm on 146.805 (118.8, Rocky Mt.)

  • Johnston County ARES:
  • none listed

  • Harnett County ARES :
  • none listed (ARES link is to an old page, last updated in 1999)

  • Lee County ARES:
  • Nets:
    Sunday nights at 9pm local time on 147.105+, Tone 82.5Hz.
    Wednesday nights at 9pm local time on 441.950+, Tone 136.5Hz
  • Wilson County ARES Net:

2nd Thursday of each month at 8;00 pm (2000 hrs) local time on 146.760 (no tone) (No net on National Holidays)

  • NC Section ARES Net:
  • Tar Heel Emergency Net, nightly at 7:30 pm on 3923 kHz